Software Requirement Engineer

BUZZN is an enabler of People Power, our name for a truly decentral energy revolution. We are purpose-driven partners with different backgrounds. The way we feel, think, and act is guided by the People Power Manifesto and its purpose: a human-scale energy system.

On the company level, we strive to overcome conventional management, governance, and ownership structures. Since 2017, we practice Holacracy, a concrete framework for encoding autonomy, agility, and purpose-alignment into BUZZN’s DNA. See here for more about BUZZN.

On the product level, we work together to build tools, with which groups can take energy back into their own hands. True to our motto People Power, our focus is always on the human being in a cultural transition — not on technology, money or bureaucracy.

Our most important digital products are a SaaS platform and a mobile app that bring together electric-power consumers and producers. The backend is written in Ruby with Roda whereas the frontend is written in Typescript and uses React and Redux. Some legacy parts are written in Javascript, which we still maintain or rewrite in Typescript. We are also using Rust in other projects. We heavily use software tests, such as unit tests and integration tests.

Currently, we are looking for a Software Requirement Engineer for our IT circle with the following experience, interests, and skills:

  • Ability to think long-term and strategically with regard to technology & requirements
  • Intercultural communication skills (human/nerd; nerd/human)
  • Penchant for autonomous, self-determined, yet responsible work
  • Track record of previous assignments
  • Entrepreneurial, economical thinking
  • Experience and awareness of edge cases in user stories

Sounds like you? Then these could be your accountabilities:

  • Interviewing users and giving life to user stories written by Product Owner
  • Describing technical hurdles to users in an understandable way
  • Drawing user workflows, identifying and solving problems in them
  • Identifying and resolving conflicts in requirements
  • Striking a balance between achieving workable software ASAP and ensuring quality
  • Creating solutions that can be implemented in a pragmatic way
  • Complimenting the Quality Assurer in reviewing tasks against acceptance criterias
  • Understanding edge cases
  • Transcending Product Owner’s and Functional Expert’s limited understanding of software

The position is with flexible hours (50-100%). The center of operations is in Munich, Germany. We currently have two coworking days per week, where we meet at DEZENTRALE, a new energy hub right in the city centre, and schedule additional co-working days as required. We work the rest of the week remotely. Please note that working languages are German and English. 

Excited by what you just read? Then we are looking forward to hearing from you! Please send your application for the attention of Chaitanya at

We are curious to hear what moves you, what you have already moved, and what kind of People Power you would contribute to BUZZN.

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