Software developer

BUZZN. We are building software for the future of decentral energy.

We are a team of idealists with different backgrounds. We teamed up to build robust tools for the decentral energy revolution in the digital era. For a real energy revolution, in which the human being and his environment take center stage – not technology, money, and bureaucracy.

For that we seek more talented software developers who aren’t afraid of operating their own products and who have these skills and experiences:

  • strong background in software development, ideally with a degree in CS, Electronics, Maths or similar
  • fluent in either Ruby (not necessarily Rails) or Python
  • deep understanding how to write tools that talk HTTP
  • some knowledge of modern compiled languages like Rust or Go
  • ability to host software on bare-metal servers
  • history of writing and maintaining free and open source software
  • no fear of git rebase –interactive
  • excellent English skills, German is a plus
  • the decentral (energy) revolution is important to you

Sounds like you? These could be your responsibilities:

  • contributing to a modern FLOSS web application
  • designing and maintaining a robust hosting solution (we are open to kubernetes and NixOS)
  • writing tools and libraries
  • shaping the future of the company with your ideas and actions

The position is with flexible hours (50-100%) with the center of operation in Munich, Germany. We currently have one fixed office day per week and schedule additional days as required. The rest of the days we work remotely.

If you are interested, tell us about your motivation and on what projects you have worked so far.

Please contact us on