Frontend-Developer (d/f/m)

We are building an ecosystem for the future of decentralised energy.

We are a team of cause-driven professionals with different backgrounds. We teamed up to build robust tools for the decentralised energy transition in the digital era where the environment and the human beings take center stage – not technology, money, and bureaucracy.

For this we seek software developers wo are enthusiastic about building independent products and have the following interests and skills:

  • Typescript
  • Javascript
  • React
  • Redux/Sagas
  • Swagger
  • D3
  • Git

Our most important project is a platform that brings together electric-power consumers and producers. The backend is written in Ruby with Roda whereas the frontend is written in Typescript and uses React and Redux. Some legacy parts are written in Javascript, which we still maintain or rewrite in Typescript. We are also using Rust in other projects. We heavily use software tests, such as unit tests and integration tests. Sounds like you? These could be your responsibilities:

  • Sketching user workflows
  • Designing and implementing user interfaces for mobile and desktop clients
  • Developing software tests
  • Maintaining running software

The position is with flexible hours (50-100%). The center of operation is in Munich, Germany. We currently have two co-working days per week, where we meet in our Munich office, and schedule additional co-working days as required. We work the rest of the week remotely.

If you are interested, tell us about your motivation and on what projects you have worked so far.