Energy Group PLANET & PEOPLE

Power for energy transition as a grassroots movement



Solar & CHP




Power from Planet & People

We work towards a future where the generations to come can experience our precious ecosystems in their beauty and strength. We actively support the energy transition by being conscious consumers.

Who We Are

A group that places ‘life’ at the centre of existence.

Shared Philosophy

Working with planet earth and its precious resources is like working on and nurturing oneself.

Power Giver

Chaitanya Sure

Why use power from Energy Group PLANET & PEOPLE?
What's in it for you?
  • You support the BUZZN philosophy of conscious consumption and energy sufficiency.
  • In a day and age of rapid monopolisation, you support our small-scale energy systems and operators.
  • When it comes to energy production and consumption, you support the idea of decentralisation and localisation.
  • You join hands with other planet and people-loving beings.